Switchgear prefabrication

The solid construction of our electrical switchgears makes the devices we propose work perfectly in all conditions – they are suitable for commercial applications. They will reliably fulfill their role also in industrial and production plants. Low voltage switchgears allow safe power supply of LV machines and devices. It is an economical and functional solution that can be modified depending on the needs.

Reactive power compensation LV devices

The capacitor banks we offer are designed for installation in the electrical networks of industrial facilities. These are modern and ecological products that have very good technical parameters. Our clients gain the possibility of choosing the power and number of segments, thanks to which they can quickly and efficiently select capacitor banks to meet the company’s needs. We are open to meeting the special needs of clients – which is why we offer, for example, custom-made casings. We are convinced that our capacitor banks will meet all your expectations.

Industrial automation

The use of technically proven solutions as well as the introduction of innovative ideas allows us to manufacture control cabinets that are characterised not only by solid construction, but also very good functionality. Control cabinets meet all technological standards, so they can be safely used in any production plant. We provide not only the proper equipment of control cabinets, but also their assembly and professional implementation of devices in the company structures.

Maintenance / measurements / diagnostics

Elmontaż-BG provides technical maintenance services related to maintenance and inspections of low and medium voltage internal installations and electric switchgears in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations. We also provide electrical measurement services, range of performed acceptance and periodic measurements:

– inspection of protection against electric shock by automatic switch-off

– inspection of residual current protection

– inspection of ground continuity

– inspection of insulation resistance

– inspection of the lightning protection system condition and grounding resistance

– thermovision of electrical installations using infrared cameras

– thermovision of photovoltaic installations

– measurements of electrical quantities using a network parameter analyzer (active power, inductive reactive power, capacitive reactive power, active energy, reactive energy, harmonic power factor of voltages and currents, voltage, current, data recording, graphic presentation of results).

Photovoltaic installations

Transforming energy from renewable sources into electricity is not only an ecological, but also an economical solution – photovoltaic power plants provide considerable savings in the long run. The energy needed to generate electricity is taken directly from sunlight – if we install the panels in a sun-drenched place, we can count on the exceptional performance of the system. Solar power plants are ideal for both households and industrial companies.


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